SUPRA cabin cruiser

The Supra cabin cruiser is our largest boat. It has a common cabin – salon, kitchen, and two separate cabins – bedrooms, where one cabin has 2 beds and the other one has 4 beds with mattresses. You must take the bed clothing with you; it is suitable to have a sleeping bag. The kitchen is equipped with a gas cooker and a sink with running hot and cold water. It is equipped with basic kitchen utensils including cutlery and plates. The bathroom is equipped with a shower, washbasin and a boat WC. On the dashboard, there is a 12 V socket for charging cellphones or for connecting weaker appliances (such as CD player, etc.). The cabin cruiser is steered easily by means of the steering wheel from the steering wheel post. When hired, the cabin cruiser is equipped with a sufficient quantity of fuel and 10 litres of drinking water. You don´t need any license for steering this boat. However, to steer this cabin cruiser you need to have a certain experience or a natural talent.

Bikes are not allowed on this boat.

SUPRA cabin cruiser
Crew: max 7 persons, recommended crew - 6 persons, (6 x fixed bed, 1 x additional bed in the salon)
Starting: electric
Interior lighting: electric
Engine: 60 HP, built-in diesel engine
Non-potable water: 600 litres
Waste tank: 600 litres
Start day: Monday (week, shorter period), Friday (weekend) at 9:00
Handover day: Sunday (week, weekend), Thursday (shorter period) till 18:00 
Standing height in the whole boat: 190 cm
Seat in the wheelhouse: 50 x 190 cm 
Beds in the small bedroom: 70 x 195 cm 
Beds in the large bedroom: 140 x 195 cm and 70 x 195 cm  

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