Romian cabin cruiser

The Romian cabin cruiser has a maximum capacity for 7 persons, however, we recommend 6 persons, because in this case each person has his/her own fixed bed. The boat is suitable for a family holiday, for couples as well as for a small group of friends. The front cabin is equipped with 4 beds, 2 beds (one above the other one) are located on each side. The rear cabin contains 2 more beds on the sides of the boats. The additional bed is located on the bench in the middle section of the boat. You must take the bed clothing with you; it is suitable to have a sleeping bag. The kitchen is equipped with a sink with running non-potable water, built-in cooker as well as with basic kitchen utensils, such as mugs, cutlery, bowls, pot, etc. The Romian cabin cruiser has, of course, interior lighting and a chemical toilet. A 12 V socket is installed in the boat for charging cellphones, etc. When hired, the cabin cruiser has a sufficient quantity of fuel, 150 litres of non-potable water and 10 litres of drinking water. You don´t need any license for steering this boat.

Bikes are not allowed on this boat.

ROMIAN cabin cruiser
Crew: max 7 persons, recommended crew - 6 persons
(4 x fixed bed on the prow, 2 x fixed bed in the rear cabin, 1 x additional bed on the bench)
Starting: electric
Interior lighting: electric
Engine: 15 Hp
Start day: Monday (week, shorter period), Friday (weekend) at 10:00  
Handover day: Sunday (week, weekend), Thursday (shorter period) till 18:00
Standing height in the wheelhouse: 195 cm 
Seat in the wheelhouse: 45 x 165 cm 
Height in the bedroom on the prow: 170 cm 
Beds in the bedroom on the prow: 80 x 200 cm 
Height in the bedroom on the stern: 130 cm 
Beds in the bedroom on the stern: 65 x 205 cm 


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