Morava cruise boat

On the Morava cruise boat with a total capacity of 60 seats, with an observation board and a covered board, bar and a toilet, you can experience a non-traditional voyage on the Bata Canal and on the Morava River.

Slovácko region

Complete travel guide for Slovácko region.

Chřiby mountains

Portal of this favorite destination.

East Moravia

Tourist information portal of Zlín region.

Hi on the water!

Travel guide for the Bata Canal.

"The Bata Canal - Resurrection of a Dream" – a promotional movie

We have participated in shooting the promotional movie about the Bata Canal. The name of the movie is Resurrection of a Dream. This work has been successfully finished and now you can watch it here!

Instructional movies

Before sailing on a boat, we recommend to watch several basic instructions - what to do, how to do it and why.