Happy cabin cruiser

The Happy cabin cruiser has a maximum capacity for 6 persons, however, for a comfortable voyage we recommend 4 persons. The crew can enjoy a beautiful interior and a well-designed space of the boat. This boat is suitable for a family holiday, for couples as well as for a small group of friends. The front cabin is equipped with a small double bed that is suitable by its size for children; another double bed can be gained by conversion of a comfortable sitting area. The rear cabin contains another comfortable double bed. You must take the bed clothing with you; it is suitable to have a sleeping bag. The small kitchen is equipped with a sink with running non-potable water, built-in cooker as well as basic kitchen utensils, such as mugs, cutlery, bowls, pot, etc. The Happy cabin cruiser has of course interior lighting and a chemical toilet. To make the voyage on the Bata Canal even more pleasant, the cabin cruiser is also equipped with a radio with CD player. In hot weather when you want to have some fun, it is possible to use the stairs for easier access to water. A 12 V socket is installed in the boat for charging cellphones, etc. When hired, the cabin cruiser has a sufficient quantity of fuel and 10 litres of drinking water. You don´t need any license for steering this boat.

Bikes are not allowed on this boat.

HAPPY cabin cruiser
Crew: max 6 persons, recommended crew - 4 persons,
(2 x fixed bed, 2 x fixed bed in the rear cabin, 2 x additional bed)
Starting: electric
Interior lighting: electric
Engine: 15 HP, built-in diesel engine
Start day: Monday (week, shorter period) at 11:00, Friday (weekend) at 10:00
Handover day: Sunday (week, weekend), Thursday (shorter period) till 18:00  
Height of the rear cabin : 95 cm 
Bed in the rear cabin: 110 x 215 cm 
Standing height in the wheelhouse: 190 cm 
Standing height in the kitchen: 185cm 
Fold-out bed in the salon: 100 x 180 cm 
Triangular bed on the prow: 160 x 160cm 

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