Boat hire company

Motorová loď Carolina

In addition to the cabin cruisers, we offer you safe stable fibreglass boats Carolina  with outboard engine and with a maximum capacity of 5 adult persons. If you are more than 15 years old, you can steer the boats on the Bata Canal or on the Morava River after a short training. You don´t need any license for steering these boats.

Three canoes with a capacity of up to 3 persons are also available.

From our boat hire company you can set out in two directions: on the Bata Canal in a southern direction, or in a northern direction up the Morava River. Both options can be of course combined, a special variant intended for canoes is the so-called ”Circuit“.

Options of boat trips:


A voyage up the Morava River in a direction to Napajedla, Otrokovice and back. Spytihněv – Otrokovice, Bělovský weir: about 11 km


On the navigation canal in a direction to Uherské Hradiště where you can get through four locks. In Uherské Hradiště the waterway connects back to the Morava River and further continues down the flow in a southern direction.


A voyage can be performed in one direction. We arrive for the boat at a previously agreed place. It must be ordered it in advance.


Are you passing through Moravia on bikes?
Would you like to add some excitement to your holiday on the pedals?
Are you just looking for a cool trip for the whole family?

Na kole při Baťově kanále

Then an ideal idea for you is to combine the biking with a boat trip. We offer you a possibility to take your bikes with you on the boat. 
In our boat hire company, individual persons or small groups of up to 4 person can hire a boat and return it at a previously agreed place. It means if you hire the boat in Spytihněv, you will return it for example in Uherské Hradiště and you can further continue on the bikes up to the destination of your journey, or you can go back to Spytihněv.

The same can be realized for a larger group (for example for 10 bikers) - we put you on a larger boat steered by our captain.
It must be ordered in advance.


One of the very popular options of voyages is the so-called “Circuit”. In the first part, the voyage takes place down the Morava River to Uherské Hradiště. From there, you will get back to Spytihněv on the navigation canal with four locks. The trip can be organized only as a half-day trip or an all-day trip. Because of technical preparation, it must be ordered in advance. It can be realized only with a sufficient level of water in the Morava River.
For this reason, we offer only canoes for this voyage.